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The Tech Bench Elmers Amateur Radio Society Club Station Callsign KF6GDJ. Grounding Systems for Amateur Radio Stations. There is quite a bit of talk these days between Amateur (Ham) Radio operators about the desirability for 'good grounding systems' for their home radio stations. I can tell you honestly that this was not so fervently discussed on the radio in earlier decades.

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Best way to supply power from the house to the garage. The reason I ask about the plumbing is that is what will determine how you need to ground the new panel. If you have metallic plumbing out to the garage, you will have to have a grounding conductor along with your hots and neutral.

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Camper Grounding to Prevent Electrical Schock - Sunline. Thanks John...this is a significant effort you've made to inform us all on this subject. It is in keeping with the many other excellent thread you've authored on a variety of subjects.

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